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Rhododendron is a huge genus of plants, incorporating more than 1000 species.

The species that interest gardeners the most are the Hardy Hybrids, Yakushimanum Hybrids (Yaks), Dwarf Rhododendrons and Evergreen Azaleas.

Hardy Hybrids grow to around 5ft tall, Yaks to around 3ft and the Dwarfs between 1ft and 2ft high.

All of these Rhododendrons are evergreens and impressive flowers featuring strong and vivid colours such as reds, oranges and striking pinks, through to subtle pastels and white.

The main flowering period for Rhododendrons is May and June. However, some varieties bloom as early as March in a mild spring.

All Rhododendrons require acid soil. Fortunately, the majority of Scottish soils are naturally acidic. If yours is not, Rhododendrons will grow happily in raised peat beds or in containers filled with Ericaceous compost. Rhododendrons require very little care, apart from keeping them well watered in their first year after planting. A peat mulch applied yearly may also be beneficial.

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